Technic pin friction primitives

Technic pin friction primitives
When I uploaded 18651 a month ago Philo suggested that a new "blind" confric primitive might be suitable as there is currently some primitive overlap within the part. I started putting one together when I noticed that 3749 (which is frictionless but has the same kind of connection) has the pin part mostly built with quads and lines rather than "connect.dat". 43093 also has the same issue that I currently have with 18651.

My thought was that, rather than creating a blind "confric*.dat" primitive, only for a blind "connect*.dat" primitive to be created for 3749 some time later, would it be worth creating just the "connect" primitive and then a separate primitive for the "friction" bumps? These could then be overlaid on to the new "connect" to make a new "confric"?

As an example, below is "connect.dat" with 8 friction primitives overlaid to make "confric.dat".

[Image: confric.png]

If others were behind this idea, would "fric.dat", "fric2.dat", etc., be good enough names for these friction primitives?

On a separate note, would there be any reason to not use "confric4.dat" for a new "blind" confric primitive? There appears to be no trace of this part name in use on the Parts Tracker.
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