I need a fast and frugal renderer

Re: I need a fast and frugal renderer
I've spent a lot less time on LDView in the past year than probably any year since its original release. So changing its focus like that just seems unlikely. It could be done, with probably relatively minor changes to the graphics engine, but making a good editor is a huge task. And with Roland now actively creating a new OpenGL-based cross-platform editor (LDCad), I don't really think there's much point.

Having said that, LDView is GPL, and the latest source is always on sourceforge.net. If someone else wanted to create an editor based on it (or modify it to be an editor), there's nothing stopping them. I'd even try to provide anyone trying to do so a crash course in LDView's overall architecture. It would probably take a fair bit of work to convince me to let the editor functionality become a part of the mainstream LDView, but I wouldn't rule out a separate editor app based on the same source tree for the underlying loading and rendering.
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