I need a fast and frugal renderer

I need a fast and frugal renderer
I wouldn't complain so much about every new step in the LDraw format evolution, if it wasn't that I'm 100% depending on good old L3Lab. There is absolutely no viewer or editor that comes remotely close to its speed and its resource economy. Sorry, Roland's new editor included.

But L3Lab doesn't support colours in "the forbidden zone" as I call it. This is a growing problem for me.
And L3Lab doesn't support space characters in file references either.
And almost every change in the LDraw file specs is done without the least consideration to programs like L3Lab.

I would of course compile a fast and frugal renderer myself if only I had the programming skills to do it, but that's impossible. I'm not even close to that.

Apparantly, it seems to me all focus is on nifty details and impressive effects when it comes to viewers made today. But if it was possible eleven years ago to make an LDraw viewer that still is able to produce fast renderings, wouldn't it be possible to make the same today? And support for LDConfig and the latest LDraw file specs shouldn't slow down things noticable, should it?

If somebody could produce such a viewer, I will (most likely) no longer protest against the other LDraw programs and utilities we leave behind as we "develop" (hmm?) the LDraw standard. But like I said, I still see no real alternative to L3Lab when making huge LDraw models.

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