[LDView?] Programatically generate snapshots

[LDView?] Programatically generate snapshots

I've never worked with LDView before, but after installing it and playing around with it, it looks like it fulfills a need I have for a project I'm working on.

I'd like to generate rendered snapshots (either in memory or saved to disk) of a part (.DAT file) from different camera angles by making calls to a DLL (LDVLib.dll I think).

The application I'm working with is C#, so if there's any existing wrapper that exposes library calls then having that would be a great start. Otherwise I'll probably end up writing my own, so long as it looks possible to do after I look at the header files.

Any guidance, experiences, or even questions would be greatly appreciated.

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[LDView?] Programatically generate snapshots - by Jon Carbone - 2014-12-12, 16:57

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