1-16chrd, an interesting idea...

Re: 1-16chrd, an interesting idea...
Quote:Does Roland's suggestion work in MLCad?
Yes it does. But I got another idea: if we prefix the line with 0 MLCAD HIDE, it makes MLCad happy (tested) and for sure will be invisible from anything other program, either because it will treat line as a comment, or if it knows about MLCad meta, make it hidden.
0 MLCAD HIDE 5 24 0 0 0 0.0001 0 0 0.0001 -0.0001 0 0 0 0
I made more tests with 1x1 round tile. My first idea was to include the 1-16chrd primitives at subpart level, but then I get an overlap with the 4-4disc of plain tile (with primitive substitution enabled). Not so annoying because they have the same color, but it would be an issue for a colored primitive ring. So they must be used at main part pattern level. To avoid the chore of using 16x 1-16chrd primitives for each and every round tile pattern, I propose to create a new primitive for this, a 4-4 adapter ring. Question, how to name it (there is already a 48\4-4aring)?
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