Do we need another LDraw building program?

Re: Do we need another LDraw building program?
Hi Nicola.

Yes, I'm part of Romabrick people.

If you want, we can use email to talk (in italian... Big Grin )

I haven't released any code (yet) but most of the work is derived from my Java viewer JLDraw, available from SourceForge:

At the moment, program relies on some key libraries:
- LDraw part library and model handling. Reads and parse parts files from official or unofficial library (zipped or installed a folder), reads models, handles parts cache and connection points database (last is work in progress)
- LDraw 3D library. Highly optimized part/model renderer, handling of part moving, connection point "snap", model connection handling (adding and removing connection point according of part placement/removing).
- LDraw part database library. Used to search parts from description/keywords/name/id using full text search engine (H2 pure Java database with Lucene indexer. Yes, I'm using nuclear weapon to kill a mosquito...)
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