LDCad 1.4 Beta 2 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4 Beta 2 (win+linux)
Glad you are liking it.

Besides a known (and fixed in the upcoming version) bug concerning wrong editing pin position when clicking on e.g. the elec brick part of the motor, all should work like described in the 1.2 intro text.

Only difference with the 1.2 version is you now should use the nesting mode after the generic placement is done. While in nesting the control points become visible and whenever you press insert while one is currently (indirectly through a group) selected a new one will be added after the selected one (or in front if it's the last point in a non looped path).

It does not matter which nesting level (the 'insert into' model, although best left at toplevel) you are using as the insertion code makes an exception on that while inserting path points. That way you don't have to worry about it, while modelling multiple hoses through nesting.

If this is not working for you you might have something else selected when pressing insert, maybe the hose's skin? (noticeable by the text 'click anywhere to insert new skin meta').

I'm planning to release the definitive 1.4 this weekend, I could also upload a small video clip demonstrating generic path template usage it might make things more clear (as the current pneuhose demo clip is somewhat old and I only move the start/end points around in it)
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