LDCad 1.4 Beta 2 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4 Beta 2 (win+linux)
The brick sizes in the bin are determined by the current bin width and the current number of grid cell columns. 2 columns is the default but you can increase it by pressing '+' while the mouse is inside the part bin.

Used bricks in the current building step can be inspected/viewed by navigating to the special step content group in the part bin. Reachable from the root group by choosing the sessions group (icon with 'mpd' text in it), followed by going into the last group inside the sessions group (the one with '4' and a couple of beige bricks on it's icon).

That group will always show the current step's bricks in their used color and counts. If you need it often just point one of the last bin views (e.g. 6) to it and use the other ones for normal part navigating.

As for an extended manual, I'm afraid the quick manual is currently the only text available. I started writing a new (more extensive) one though.

In the meantime you could probably pick up the basic way of working from the more recent clips I made, I try to minimize keyboard usage in those.
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