Lic - a tool for creating LEGO building instructions

Lic - a tool for creating LEGO building instructions
I just found this tool and wanted to share it with you, quoting from its Google Code page:

Lic is a cross-platform, Python, OpenGL & Qt powered desktop application for creating and editing LEGO instruction books. Lic imports 3D models, organizes them into submodels, pages & steps, and exports the end result as images or PDF.

  • A rich, WYSIWYG UI editor, which provides a fully interactive preview window along side a drag & drop-enabled navigation tree, to help organize and layout your book.
  • Automatically divide your model into steps. Add a list of parts needed for each step, and auto-layout multiple steps per page for a best fit. Auto-generate a title page and part list pages.

So far, Lic can import any LDraw model, but its dynamic importer makes it easy to add an importer for any 3D file type, and create instructions for that model. A Lego Digital Designer (LDD) importer is coming soon.

When you're done, Lic can export a final instruction book as a series of images or as a high resolution PDF.
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