Naming scheme for primitives - update

Re: Naming scheme for primitives - update
Yes, that is true. With LDFind I made a quick search for 'ring' and found:
Hi-Res Ring 40 x 0.2292 C:\ldraw\p\48\11-48r40.dat
Hi-Res Ring 42 x 0.0833 C:\ldraw\p\48\1-12ri42.dat
Ring 11 x 0.25 C:\ldraw\p\1-4rin11.dat
Ring 8 x 0.375 C:\ldraw\p\3-8ring8.dat

So for ring we have at least 'r', 'ri', 'rin' and 'ring' already in our library.

I believe that for the other primitives we will have similar results. So we need to solve this problem first.

I would go with:
Keep the already official files like they are. Introduce the new naming scheme quickly for new primitives.
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