Naming scheme for primitives - update

Naming scheme for primitives - update
It seems that there is a need for updating the naming scheme that Primgen2 uses for the primitives.
Here my suggestion:
x, y, z are values that will be substituted by primgen2 for the dimension of the part.
cylinder: x-ycyli.dat : always use cyli
disc: x-ydisc.dat : always use disc
ndisc: x-yndis.dat : always use ndis
chord: x-ychrd.dat : always use chrd
cone: x-yconz.dat : always use con
ring:x-yringz.dat : always use ring
circle: x-yedge.dat : always use edge

The length of the filename is not important anymore because I think we will not reach 25 characters.

If this should be common used, I am going to change Primgen2 quickly.
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