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Q: I would like to contribute in some way to reviewing unofficial parts. What is involved? Do I need digital calipers to measure the original part and then compare to the digital version? Would I just be reviewing the part for appearance?

A: First read the Reviewing Parts FAQ at the Parts Tracker. However one of the best ways to learn how to review a part is to create a part and submit it for review. The comments and fixes made about your submissions by old timers will help you understand how to review other submissions.

Q: Is there any know way to convert from more "standard" CAD file formats to the LDraw *.dat format? I'm quite adept with PTC CoCreate 3D CAD software. I can output in most 3D file formats (STEP, 3D IGES, and SAT).

A: The best conversion program known (Windows only unfortunately) is Stl2Dat. It's a command line program, but it is also included (along with several other tools) in LETGUI distribution.
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