Official 'Getting Started - Linux' Wiki page available

Re: Official 'Getting Started - Linux' Wiki page available
Santeri, I am not trying to offend you in any way but had you paid attention to the so called formatting, you would have noticed that you chopped off many important notes and aspects that I specifically took time to outline to help anyone set it up on a linux based system.

You also chopped and forgot to edit the later, lower sections of the wiki page, keeping the Konstruktor section merged to whatever notes you had prepended over that section, without taking time to clean it up.

It is the irregularity and lack of concern for details that ticked ME off if anything.

Again, I am not against working together to achieve a better result, then again, please, do mind the effort i put into it, rather than simply wiping over 4000 commits out of the blue.

Would you like to have the wiki worked over via a shared Google Doc with me so that we can make it better, together then?
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