Official 'Getting Started - Linux' Wiki page available

Re: Official 'Getting Started - Linux' Wiki page available
Thanks for the info.

I would like to add that LDCad has full mpd support it's one of the core features. It also offers basic part snapping, bendable parts, ghosting and grouping. So I was wondering, what kind of feature are you missing in regards to e.g. mlcad and leocad?

As for the GUI when I started the project I decided to go for the less is more kinda approach. But I'm well aware that people seem to have troubles getting started with it. I'm hoping to solve that using tutorials.

With the 1.4 version I'm working on improving some aspects of the GUI (I've already replaced the fonts with freetype renderings) but I don't think I'm going to change it in a big way anytime soon. Also I kinda like the gui myself Smile, it's a hobby project after all.

But again thanks for the info page.
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