Renderred Ldraw models for movie backgrounds

Renderred Ldraw models for movie backgrounds

I make stop-motion movies with Lego and I need make backgrounds for my movies. Lego models will be renderred with Ldraw, Pov-Ray (maybe) and Vue (professional graphics programm to create photorealistic landscapes). I need render photorealistic Lego models in the backgrounds, too, because backgrounds in my movies and Lego models on them must be identic as real Lego bricks on the movie set.

So I would like to ask you, if I can convert Ldraw models to Pov-ray (with LGeo library of course) and then convert from Pov-ray to Vue (wich supports standard graphics objects format like .3ds, .obj etc.) to achieve photorealistic models on landscapes in the background. Or can I just directly convert Ldraw models to Vue to have photorealistic models, too?

Thanks in advance Smile
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