MLCAD 50 EURO Reward for adding parts !

Re: MLCAD 50 EURO Reward for adding parts !
lol yea if i would be able to greate a 50 hour day i would be in for it as well , aldo then i need to be able to stay awake for 50 hours with only 8 hours of sleep Tongue

about the door i try the 2 difrent models you mentioned it added a lot of files and it was in my eyes not fuctional in that way.

the money i offer is because i run out of patience to wait and see someone will ad it i need the door to be fuctional like any other part now i forget to read the rules on my webpage you can have a look on what i make not so hard to find just follow the name on my avator Tongue

if people want me to jump in the air and be happy like a baby please please ad that door first Tongue

i have all the parts if the isue is you need the parts to ad them i will be more then happy to send them

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