LDPatternCreator - Major Security Release 1.5.7

Re: LDPatternCreator - Major Security Release 1.5.7
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I let Nils provide more detailed explanations if needed, but in the meantime...
- Fast triangulation: there is a feature enable in edit menu, here Fast triangulation and Fast triangulation II are both checked.
Yes, I had both of them checked, tried also with only a single selection, neither does the job as smoothly as Nils shows it in his YT video. Will wait for his comment

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:- Mirroring occur - AFAIK - centered on center of mass of selection, giving weird decimals and so on. Because of this I almost never use this feature, but instead use "mirror with merge". Important: while simple mirror does mirror selection, mirror with merge first duplicate selection then mirrors the duplicate. If you copy/paste first, you get overlaps...
The mirror with merge works perfectly, right! I will keep using this method instead. About the duplication I learned th hard way, as I once had a file wil close to a 1000 overlaps!
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