Need help with custom element tweaks

Re: Need help with custom element tweaks
Hej Steve,
your welcome. What's about the shape issue? Should I change anything?

1) Chris gave the correct answer - Maybe you should update your system. ;-)

2) That's quite strange. I have the same problem in my MLCad, but the parts are correct modelled. I check this twice now. I really do not have a useful solution for this problems. So be a problem might be MLCad.

3) Well, I'm quite oldschool when creating parts. I use a simply text editor (LDraw Design Pad) and poll the results with LDView. So it's written by hand. Concerning the rotation matrix. In the beginning I had the same problem, but as a result of practice and time, it's not so hard anymore. (BTW, there had been some lines your files, that show me, you'd used MLCad.) :-)

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