Need help with custom element tweaks

Re: Need help with custom element tweaks
Hi Max,
Thanks a ton for helping out. I noticed a few things.

1) For some strange reason stug3-1x2 is not on my system. I noticed that both 3623/3622 parts use 2 separate stud3.dat primitives. I wonder if you uncovered an LDraw Library installer bug or somehow I deleted this from my system???

2) When dragging the element around in MLCad there are 6 quads that "poke" out the side of the model. Is this normal or ??? It's totally OK assuming they aren't rendered etc... These parts are for folks to design with these elements and so i can provide instructions using them.

3) Generic question which app do you use to author parts? I can't seem to figure out how to use MLCad to scale a primitive visually and I haven't understood the algorithm to calc the rotation matrix for rotations and scaling. Any tips?

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