Need help with custom element tweaks

Need help with custom element tweaks
Hi All,
A little background. I'm a long time AFOL train head. I ran BrickFest a few times in Portland. Worked together on the Hobby Train project with Tim Gould... now I run altBricks. I know enough about LDraw / MLCad to get around pretty well when it comes to model making and rendering and laying out instructions. But now I need two custom elements for altBricks so I can make instructions using them and post the .dat files for others that want to virtually build with these elements.

[Image: ep_1x2_grider_7_3300_300_dpi_1_23_-45.png]
[Image: ep_1x3_grider_7_3300_300_dpi_1_23_-45.png]
[Image: ab-wel_-_1x2_gird_dkgray1.jpg_thumb.jpg]
[Image: ab-wel_-_1x3_gird_dkgray1.jpg_thumb.jpg]

I created them already (linked) but think they need some tweaking from someone who is good at element creation. Here's the list of things needed:
1) Stud holes (tubes) on the bottom. I didn't add these cause for rendering they aren't seen much (but should be there).
2) The thickness on the bottom should equal a tile, they don't now.
3) The width of the remaining 3 sides need to be consistent and equal to the width of the newest LEGO windows.

I would be happy to send some altBricks stuff for the effort, if that's of interest we can work that out offline.

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