Thoughts on animation scripting language

Re: Thoughts on animation scripting language
Roland Melkert Wrote:While LUA or pearl might be very powerful, it also will be difficult for non programmer users ( I Think) to get started with. A simple custom language on the other hand will be much easier to learn but limited to basic single function formulas etc. Although I could expand the language over time.

In short I find it difficult to decide at the moment, so I was hoping for some additional thoughts.

I made a working proof of concept (called LDA) with focus on easy to understand. It was kind of a modified LDraw syntax combined with some BASIC-like commands. I believe if I have had the tenth of your programming skills, my concept would really have worked. And it would have been user friendly enough to become popular.

I tried LD4D a little, but to be honest I didn't understand anything at all. So I'd suggest you go for a little more limited in "powerfulness" but easier to get over the threshold of getting started. Some wizard to guide the user through the first steps would have been very helpful.

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