LDCad 1.3 Beta 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.3 Beta 1 for Linux on ARMv6
Thanks for trying,

LDCad primarily uses an pure OpenGL GUI inside a single panel/context. There are two major reasons for getting the 'no OpenGL' message:

wxWidgets failed (using glut) to initialize the context.
or the OpenGL version is below 1.1.

A more precise reason might be given in the log file.

Also the raspberry only has OpenGL ES so no display lists, something I use extensively for the gui rendering. I'm not sure how to make Linux use pure software MESA rendering as an fallback but I'm expecting this is what's needed to get it working (very slowly).

Removing the dependency on display lists is on my long term plans, when that's done a usable version for arm (and Linux tablets etc) becomes possible / usable.
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