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I've might have gone overboard with the options, I'll try to describe them below. Similar information will be added to the main site at some point.


Part: Donor ldraw file, must be findable by LDCad for generating the part, must be supplied with the model if placement is static or dynamic for other software.

Color: Donor part color, if non 16 it might also cause a split of the part into multiple subparts depending on other skin section colors.

Rotation is the initial transformation (no scaling, must be pure rotation) on the donor part.


Basesize is the scaling over the y-axis (after rotation) to get the base size to use for placement.

Segmentsize is the space occupied on the curve, usually this is 100% but you could set it to a static value to force overlap (e.g. in chains).

Tolerance is the amount of stretching allowed to fit the base sized donor on the segment. This is used to close gaps resulting from leftover space.


Groupid is used to group multiple skin sections, when non zero skin with the same id are alternated per segment.

Count is the number of segment to use with this skin, zero means auto/unlimited.

max merge controls joining segments of the same skin when they are (more or less) inline with each other. A limit is sometimes needed to prevent noticeable misalignment over long lengths.

edges controls what to do with overlapping edges on the outer y axis of the donor. By default the left (+Y) ones on the donor are dropped except for the first segment. The option is only applied when placement is deform.


Center lets you choose what position of the donor to use for final placements on the curve.

Offset lets you set an Y offset on the above position.


Type selects the method of generation, static uses the calculated matrix for segments, dynamic will interpolate the rotation at the placements (curve) position, deform will generate type 2...5 lines from the donor mesh to smooth out the donor over the curve.

Inline donor references will try to copy type 1 lines from the donor instead of referring the donor file it self. Only used for static and dynamic placement.

Final scale will be used to stretch/shrink the donor to the real segment size, usually this means applying the tolerance from the size options on the base size.

Alignment determent how to to place the donor (position chosen in the previous panel) on the curve, it uses a relative notation meaning 0 is no change and -1 move full length to left.

Hope this is somewhat clear.
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