LDCad 1.3 Beta 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.3 Beta 1 (win+linux)
I'm thinking the simplist solution would be to allow the user to set the internal resolution, setting it to 16 in the case of this chain should fix every thing.

Here's a how it looks while using a quick hack (everything uses the 16ldu grid Smile )

[Image: hqChain.png]

Bit offtopic, one perfectionist to another. How would you go on solving placement of multple universal axle joints. I'm having troubles with it even with the new info feature in my beta 2 deb build:

[Image: uniJointProb.png]

It's ok from a distance now, but the axle also needs to 'roll' along it own length, any idea on how to make that easier?
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