Spring specifications

Re: Spring specifications
I compared the pumps of both historical models.
Interessing result:
8851 uses a different pump than 8040.
Here is a picture:
[Image: cccb8ef5-8900-49ef-ad40-3447e84fa741_zps7d9f57a6.jpg]

You can see, that one pump is a bit longer (that's the one I mesured yesterday). Counting is correct for this one.

The other one:
[*] Pneumatic Pump with 1 port (short) ( [Set 8040]:
  • wire thickness: 0.5 mm ?? I forgot to measure this, while I was home. I'll check this tomorrow, but I think 0.5mm could be right checking out the picture.
  • revolutions:
    1. top: 1
    2. main: 13.5
    3. bottom: 1

I'm a bit worried that this 'longer' pump is nowhere mentioned. But at least Eric Albrecht's 8851 has it too: Link to Technopedia.
And the short pump: at Technopedia

Both versions exist in yellow too:

I think, there was a change in the design and both pumps were sold in the different older sets.

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