New stud primitive (underside)

Re: New stud primitive (underside)
Quote:Here you have a point. A simple 4-4edge would be indeed much more universal. Actually I like this idea a lot.
After more thoughts about this, we need additional information about the orientation.
Also we can not use in any case a 4-4edge because there might be no edge.

The more i think about this i came to the conclusion that we are too limited with our current linetypes as they are all designed to draw something. The connectivity we are talking about is not a visible detail.

Some guys may argue to use the meta commands, but i do not like this.

I propose a new linetype 6 - Connectivity.
Currently i am thinking of this like a linetype 1 but with a 6 in front.
Just for the stud problem the line will just reference to the stud primitive, but is meant as counterpart.
With this approach we can use all current applications (hopefully they will ignore linetype 6) and only need to add such lines where other connectivity is not possible by primitives that are visible.

I just did a test with linetype 6
MLCad - deletes that lines Sad - don't know if it will ever be changed.
LDView - generates an error - should be possible to quickly be fixed
DATHeader - like to treat this as a comment line - can quickly be fixed

So maybe my idea is not ideal.
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