Perfect vs. Available Parts

Re: Perfect vs. Available Parts
In the beginning I also was thinking like you.
I was striving for extreme perfectionism.
This led to the effect that some parts took very, very long to leave the PT the first time.
This meant that many users couldn't use them for building.
Nowadays, I've modified this thought pattern a little (we all get older, right...?):
I nowadays think that a 2-iteration principle is probably the most productive here:
1. get a part out as early as possible, with correct origin, usage logic (connectivity etc.) and BFCing
2. strive for perfectionism in a 2nd iteration on the PT
This brings a part out as early as possible and reduces the pain of waiting.
Additionally, it allows for taking all time to make the part really perfect.

I understand that not all people follow this principle. We're all different. So maybe we can find the minimal compromise of:
- if a part is not perfect and you don't wanna cert it: do not cert it, but also do not hold it
- use hold votes for severe geometry, logic or origin issues

This is just to share what's inside my head.
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