Problems with loading LDR file from LDD

RE: Problems with loading LDR file from LDD
(2020-06-10, 15:20)Lasse Deleuran Wrote: Thanks. That translation file seems to match what I see people are exporting from Studio.
But it still begs the question. Studio 2.0 seemingly exports LDD part ID's to LDraw, so we either need aliases for these parts, or Studio should be using the LDraw part numbers when exporting to LDraw. The current solution seems to always have us play catch-up.

When Studio was launched in 2016(?), it came with the Official LDraw Library and the Unofficial parts of that time and parts directly converted from LDD (like but I think theirs are slightly different).

Since then, they’ve added new parts as people asked for them or as they were introduced in Unofficial.  So they took them in Official when they hadn’t found the match between BL and LDraw before or from Unofficial or from, and I’m not sure they have a preference order.

So far, I don’t think they’ve ever updated parts (e.g. to use an Official part instead of a one).

I never found how they converted from LXF (there’s an ldraw.xml file but I tried correcting a few conversions and it didn’t work).

TL;DR: Studio’s a bit of a mess.
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