Unknown model commands/comments

Re: Unknown model commands/comments
the !COLOUR lines probably can be removed.
they define colors that in the meantime have become official,
obviously someone wanted to use them in datsville before they became official.
you could look up their official color numbers and apply those color numbers to the bricks
which use them in datsville. unless they were really intended to create a user-defined, custom color, the official colors should be preferred.

The !LDSWITCH statements were a syntax suggestion.
They allowed to declare variables and write conditional portions inside a file.
So when you want to drop them, you need to decide which of the conditional blocks you want to keep. This is what the term "alternatives" above means.
In your example, there seem to be 2 cases, one named "Inline" and one named "Use".

was just 1 of the many variations to write a comment.
Nowadays, we use
0 //
for that purpose

0 EXTRACT seems to be simply a normal comment by some author.
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