Buf3D lego instructions support

Re: Buf3D lego instructions support
Great app, it's very fun to look at models and play them via the steps.

A few things I have noticed.

1. Upon Exit from hitting the back button, it doesn't exit to the home page but exits to the last running app even though it was launched from the home page.

2. I was able to load a few models then all of a sudden it stopped loading anything. It picks different spots where to stall. The app is still responsive and I can back out and try and load something else but alas nothing actually loads. Exiting the app and force closing through the App Info menu fixes it so it loads again.

3. In the Animation Styles menu Dinamic should read Dynamic with a "y" if that is the word you are wanting.

4. In my opinion when using the device back button it should be only the exit and cancel as an option. Model should be selected through the menu button.

5. When selecting the background color the resulting adjustment screen is too small on my device.

[Image: 2014-02-01%2001.05.37.png]

6. When selecting the amount of ram for the application the number is hidden under the text. I have 20mb set.

[Image: 2014-02-01%2001.06.53.png]
OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64bit)
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