Buf3D lego instructions support

Re: Buf3D lego instructions support
Thanks Steffen for your comments, your feedback it's impornant to make a good application.

>> 1. the buf3d logo floating in the bottom right corner obfuscates the step buttons
Try to place the logo in a less " invasive " locations, but is more complicated than it seems because there are many different screen resolutions . At the bottom center?

>> 2. I would love to see the model auto-spin on screen while i use the step buttons to "build" it
You have tried to activate the Animation -> Continuous and rotate the model? .

>> ...can the background be a user-chosen image file (png, jpg), please...?
The first version of Buf3D could load a background jpg file, but have many memory problems in low-level handsets and decided to turn it off. Referred to the background color , you can change it in options, but it is not very accessible. It's something we have to change.

>>I think the "Options" should be made accessible always by using a standard Android button for them at the bottom.
Oh.... That we would also like us! . Maintain compatibility with version 2.3 and it work well in android 4.4 ... is difficult.

We note these improvements.
News are available on January, because leaving out these days and it will be impossible to work in Buf3D.
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