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Sorry, I used a wrong example in my answer: Dismountable parts normally used together.

In case of the given example 47899 the four "assemblies" are not dismountable, they e.g. are glued together. From my point of view such objects cannot be assemblies, there are unique parts like a simple brick. A "forced dismounting" ends up in a defective part ! The method of manufacture of a part is not relevant, a brick could be glued together of pieces in different shapes and colors, therfore it is not an "assembly" ( a wonderful imagination of "popart bricks" :-). So, the only useful numbering of the four parts with Design Number 47899 I can see are the TLG part numbers with fixed colors.

And this brings me to a related problem which could be a discussion worth too. MLCad allows it to combine a part with all the colors of the (official) color table, no limitation with respect to the real production program of TLG. So I'm able to build a pink truck with a transparent ladder, lavender tyres, a yellow framed 47899 a.s.o. Ok, why not :-) But if you want to build your MOC as a "real possible model" there should exist a second library (or a expanded Design/Element library) with all the colors ever produced for each part (TLG Part IDs) and the CAD program has to check/propose the availability. Implemented as an option this could be very very helpful during the building process, understood as a preparation for a real MOC. To be sure, if a specific part in a specific color can be used, today you always have to have a look first at an other place like Bricklink or Brickset. Sometimes this could be very annoying and is unnecessary time-consuming !

In such a building environment the approach "a not dismountable assembly is a part" could have its best place.

Have a nice weekend.
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