numbering scheme for assemblies

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Each part produced, independent of a "stand alone part" or of a part usable together with another one, has it's own Design ID, lets say 60594 Frame 1x4x3. To order such a part from the manufacturer in a specific color you have to use a Part ID which is unique to a shape AND a color but not a combining of numbers, e.g. 4530589 for a Black Frame 1x4x3. As far as I know the manufacturer has not implemented any relations (logical link) between parts, but there could be a "hint" as part of the name for. For example Design ID 86210 Glass for Frame 1x4x3 - for color Transparent Part ID 4552033. In this example numbering is completely different. Integrating a relation in the part name could be helpful but is far away from a systematic structuring, and in this example a "one way relation" :-)

My question now: Why assemblies ? A day the manufacturer will come to the decision to produce a different "Glass for Frame 1x4x3" with a completely other shape. Or vice verca some other frames or doors or walls or panels or ... using the same glasses. Crossover assemblies ? Multy assemblies ? The manufacturer's designer will use every part, indpendent of "assembly character" or not to build new sets, so one can imagine, that a part yesterday "assigned" to another part could migrate tomorrow to a "stand alone part" for such a new set. From my point of view there is no need to have "assemblies" in the part library. Such a overlaying combining of elements in a hierachical structure are "alien to the system".

BTW: Brickset's part content is obviously based on the manufacturer's structuring, naming and identifying [Quote: "Categories and colours are official LEGO classifications and names" Brickset Browse Parts. It is completely different from the LDraw part library ... sword of Damocles ?

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