Trouble with adding new primitives.

Re: Trouble with adding new primitives.
Research: It helps.

So I did some... although it was spurred on by something I noticed in my parts list. I noticed that the brick 4 x 6 (2356) had an alias 44042 already made official, and this got me wondering. So I went and pulled out my real bricks and examined them under better light and sure enough, the non-detailed version was 2356 while the detailed version was 44042. So, I decided to go open up 44042.dat and lo and behold, a comment:

0 // Alias of 2356. 44042 is a new variation of the 4x6 brick, but the changes are
0 // not considered significant for the LDraw library.

Not significant, eh? So why, then, are parts like 30400.dat and 47116.dat including them? Fact is, these details should exist, and I intend to re-work 44042 to be the part it should be: "Brick 4 x 6 with Detailed Underside."

And this got me wondering further, what about the other parts I updated? Do they have alternatives with detailed undersides? So I went to my old friend Bricklink. First I checked under 2356 and sure enough, they had 44042 as an "alternative" name. Moving on 6212 (4x10) didn't have an alternatives names, but 4202 (4x12) did - 60033. We already know 30400 (4x18) is detailed. 4201 (8x8) which I figured should have one based on the picture did: 43802. 4204 (8x16) did as well: 44041.

As a result, I intend to create/edit the new "detailed" versions, and then use the plain version for the older versions.
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