Trouble with adding new primitives.

Underside detail - was Re: Trouble with adding new primitives.
OK, so this topic is going to evolve...

So the primitives I came up with are for the larger sized bricks (4xX, 8xX, etc....). My idea was to create reusable primitives for those underside studs with fillets between them. (Currently, these bricks just use the regular underside stud primitive with boxes, which leaves lots of extra spaces and edgelines which shouldn't be there. Essentially, I created a "basic" one which could connect to others on all sides. I then created similar primitives which connect with a wall on 1 side, 2 parallel side, 2 adjacent sides, and 3sides... basically similar to how rect primitives work with edgelines.

True Story: I totally missed the stud4fxx primitives at first, so I created a similar structure myself. Once I realized what they were, I was able to cut out about 3/4 of my file and replace it with that.

However, as I worked on this and looked for new files that could use these primitives, I came across part 30400 (Brick 4x18), which includes a more detailed underside which I'd seen before (although this part also had extra spaces and edgelines everywhere). When I was starting this project, I was trying to decide how thick the fillets should be, so I took out some real 4x6s that I owned. What I discovered was that I actually owned two types of these: one with the "basic" underside, and another with more "webbing bits" similar to 30400. Bricklink has a picture of this with 8x8s:

[Image: 2403.jpg?1]

However, there are not seperate numbers for these types of parts. I wish there were, because that would make this much simpler. Now part of me says, "The simple version is good enough"... but that would also mean editing out all the detail currently in the 4x18, which I think might make some of that part's authors/editors angry. Another part of me wants to go all out and do the detailed version for all of them. Of course, the Philo inside me says that's probably excessive.

So, this now brings me crashing back into regular and "fast draw" primitives (stud* and stu*). I'm beginning to think now that the "simple" versions should in fact be fast-draw and more complex versions the "regular."

I'm getting tired of thinking about all of this (it's making my head hurt), so I figured I'd get some feedback from you guys, see what you think.

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