Problems with Ldview and Lpub

Problems with Ldview and Lpub
I have downloaded a model from internet (around 272KB) Its a Lego Technic NXT model.
First i get an subfile error on x538c01.dat i LDview. Then it shows up. But to use the program is terrible slow.
In LPub it takes up to 5-10 min before anything shows up.
I wonder what type of "super" computer i need if not a 3,2Ghz Intel quadcore CPU 12 GB ram running on windows 7 64bit can do it.
I also tied other computers but with different results. From error from visual C++ libary form LDview to slow computer.
But those had only 4GB ram but a 3 and 2 Ghz cpu.

If i do anything in Lpub it moves ok but when finished with the move the computer tinking in 5-10 sek before i can do anything again.
I also tried to find what type of part the x538c01.dat is but have not ben able to identify it.
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