Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad

Re: Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad
Hmm, you're right. My memory sucks. Teach me to post before I test.

On my machine, since it's a laptop with no "Home" and "End" keys, the shortcut seems to be Fn + Left Arrow, Fn + Right Arrow.

Some more short cuts:

For rotation: Ctrl + Arrow Keys or Home/End

To move the view in the view port: Shift + Left Click and Drag
To zoom in the view port: Shift + Right Click and Drag

To answer the other question:
To change the part preview color:
- Settings -> General -> Change...
- Select the Rendering tab
- Click on the colored box next to the word "Color" in Preview Options
- Select the color you want
- Click OK
- Click OK again
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