Bowtie quads within official parts

Re: Bowtie quads within official parts
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:It would be certainly interesting to have the list... and it's even better if you can provide a fix to the files themselves. But be aware that files that have bowtie quads generally have other flaws, as they are early parts issued before "modern" rules:
- they are not BFCed
- they may contain non-planar quads
- they may contain primitives with degenerated transformation matrix.

Given people seem interested in the corrected data, I just wanted to say:

my LDCad detects, corrects and reports in it's log all these flaws. It also detects/fix/rep ref case mismatches and duplicate points in type 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines. Shouldn't be to difficult to use those outputs to patch things.

Also LDView does pretty much the same thing but using a gui log.
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