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Ignacio Fernandez Galvan Wrote:When inserting a new path point, would it be possible to insert it somewhere along the current path, and require selecting it to move it?

I'm not sure what you mean, but if you select e.g. the 3rd point of a 6 point path and press the ins key the new point will be the new 4th). Same goes for drag and drop from the bin, as long you currently have a point selected the new one will be placed behind it (unless it's the last point of the path) order wise. If none or the last one is selected it will always become the second last one. This is to keep the keep the last point and it's 'companion' parts (caps) together.

Ignacio Fernandez Galvan Wrote:The approximate length of the path is written to the file as a comment, is it possible to view it also in the GUI? If it isn't, I wish it were.

This is pending in the form of an document info panel, which I probably add to the right lower corner. It will show things like piece count, model size and for paths the length. I'm not sure yet how this panel is going to look/behave but it's whole reason for existing started out with: 'where do I put the path length?' Smile

Ignacio Fernandez Galvan Wrote:I'd like a rubber hose without stretched ends too.

You could just delete the caps after the template is copied into a model, or copy the template itself on disk and delete them in the copy if you want to drag and drop it without having to delete them each time. You could also add a user template location (pref/ldraw/user templates) and place altered templates in that location to keep them separate from the default ones, they will show up in the bin just the same (aslong you use category and or keyword tags in them so they match the bin group filter(s)).

I will look into point 1 and 3 for the next version.
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