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I have a few observations based on looking at your sample model in LDView. My first observation is that, once LDView has a bug fixed, your hoses will look much nicer in LDView if you add a line to the top of their definition saying "0 Unofficial Part". This will cause LDView to treat the hose as a part, and therefore perform smoothing on it.

Currently, there is a bug in LDView that causes really bad results with your hoses after doing this. However, I am working on a fix for this bug, and while I'm not currently happy with the performance of my fix, it does basically work. While doing this, I discovered that your hoses are missing conditional lines between the segments. Adding those would cause the smoothing to look really good (with my LDView fix).

Another problem is that you split quads into two triangles prior to doing the deformation, and the deformation can result in output where the two triangles that make up the quad have different normals. These triangles should have a conditional line added between them.

Note: My LDView bug is that if the two triangles ARE co-planar, LDView doesn't treat them properly, and ends up producing very bizarre smoothing results. My tweak to fix that is to add fake conditionals between adjacent co-planar polygons (just for smoothing) in order to make my smoothing algorithm work better. While testing my fix, I had to set the tolerance when checking if two normals are "equal" to a fairly loose value (.02 for each of the x,y,z components of a normalized vector wasn't quite loose enough; .1 caused excessive smoothing).
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