How to add non TLG parts to the system

How to add non TLG parts to the system
I have already seen many system toys that are visual build based on the LDraw System of Tools. Smile That is good.

I also have created one of them. But now I run into a problem, at least for me.
I have split the newly created files according our scheme - parts - primitives.
As place for this files (it is the toy plasticant) I think the best is a folder named plasticant in the same place where the unofficial folder is located.
In this folder I have (analog to ldraw) the folders 'parts' and 'p'.

In LDView I have added both pathes.

My problem is, that a file in 'parts' that uses a file in 'p' is not correctly displayed!
Sorry, my bad. I had to restart LDView first to also search in the added pathes!

But my main question remains. If I am right with my thoughts, then we should have a document that shows how this can work together with the tools we have today and that our library do not need to be cluttered with other files (also unofficial).
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