Any interest in another instruction publisher?

Any interest in another instruction publisher?
For the last 8ish years I've been occasionally tinkering with my own instruction generation program. Not that I ever found anything wrong with LPub, as a developer I just like rolling my own solutions to problems that interest me. It was a cool little hobby project that I would improve a bit every time I created new instructions. It has evolved over the years, and it's finally reached a point where I feel other people might be able to make use of it.

Note that I just wanted a program where I could hit a button and get a PDF file. If you want to be able to fine tune every step/page this won't be for you. Right now the output is configured specifically for how I wanted my instructions to look, but I have designed it to be extensible, and eventually I hope to add more overall layout options. I have also only tested it with my own files, so who knows what you might get out of it. Please consider it as alpha software.

If you are interested in trying it out you can download it here:
Edit: Forgot to mention, the readme.txt file in the archive has instructions on how to configure it.

It has the following dependencies:
LDGLite or LDView (for rendering)
FOP - (only required for PDF generation, you don't need to install this if you just want to test the program and look at the images it spits out)

You can also just check out some of my instruction files to see what it outputs:

So, I'm just curious if anybody else might be interested in this, or what it might become with some improvement. If so, I'd love to hear feedback. I have some time over the next few months where I could do some work on it. If not, no big deal, I'll keep using it for myself.

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