Parts Requestor System Requirements

Re: Parts Requestor System Requirements

- Should each user have a limit on how many parts than can have on their "I request this" list?

I think that 20 parts as maximum for each user is affordable.
Because I found that there are missing parts under 20 at the highest estimate when I made any official models nowadays.
20 would be sufficient number for 1 or 3 models and we should share our opportunity with others with fairness.
It would be good if the requested part was done, then the user can request another part as many as 20.

- Should each user have a limited number of "I support this votes"?

I think that this option could be eliminated.
We can find the highest group by collecting each user's request lists by Q1.

- Should there be a hierarchy of votes (Urgent/Important/Useful/Nice to have)

It might be good but have curious practicality.
Because people could vote on every part they want as urgent and we can't identify which part is really urgent.
In my opinion, all we need is Q1.

LDraw Parts Request System Requirements:

What I mentioned above is just an answer for predetermined questions.
If you don't mind, I would like to suggest what I have in mind regarding LDraw Part Request System in different view points.

First of all, I really appreciated to all part authors who have made each LDraw part over 5,000 until now. It's amazing!
By your favor, I could have enjoyed to make over 100 official LEGO products by LEGO CAD including very big model in various theme like starwars UCS, modular buildings, 8110, etc.
I have used SR3D Builder as a main program and MLCAD for flexible parts.

In my experience, I found a group of missing parts almost whenever I made official models.
This is the reason why you have found my requests on the previous part request thread so frequently.

Frankly speaking, I had just asked one or two parts at once, even though I had needed a group of missing parts to make the model complete, because I know the part authoring is very hard.
I think that it might be the reason why many user also hesitate to ask many parts at once and it's the why we have so many products that we couldn't make it complete yet, even though we have over 5,000 parts.
The point is that, to satisfy user's request and to manage missing part problem simultaneously, we should think the group of missing part to make the real LEGO product complete in my opinion.

We have abundant resources to reference nowadays including peeron or bricklink inventory for each LEGO product.
So we could get the list of missing parts and the product numbers imperfect to make in CAD automatically by just making a program to compare the list of LDraw parts with one of peeron or bricklink inventory according to the product number.
What I mean is that we don't need to ask LDraw user what the missing parts are.

So I would like to suggest why don't you give LDraw users the list of imperfect LEGO product and ask them which product they mostly want to make complete by CAD.
If many part authors concentrated on a group of missing parts at once in specific LEGO product based on the request which users mostly want to make, we could deal with the problem of missing part more efficiently.

For fairness, we could restrict the frequency for each user, for example, once per a week or a month, if we will have large number of user requests in this forum.

Thanks for reading


I'm not a native in English and there must many grammar errors.
I hope that you could catch my thinking without misunderstanding.
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