Parts Requestor System Requirements

Re: Parts Requestor System Requirements
I think users should at any point of time be able to rearrange their votes as they like.

Thus, when a part is completed, it is removed from the wishlist, and they have back their votes automatically.

But also at any point of time, they should be able to rearrange their votes.

The simplest thing would be to let a user enter his number of votes to a part numerically.
Setting it to 0 means removing the vote(s) for a certain part.
The sum simply must not exceed a given limit.

The more I think it over, I even find that even a limit of 10 is too high.
Maybe be very restrictive and choose 5 or so.
The number must reflect the limited workforce we have.
Users need to experience that they need to explicitly decide where to put it, IMHO.
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