Acceptable vertex mismatch error

Acceptable vertex mismatch error
For parts 2997 and 2998, I have noticed many edges that simply don't match up. In one case, two "identical" vertices overlap by .09 u; in another, there is about a .07 u gap. Without the ability to identify edges, I am unable to smooth normals, and I'm certain I will encounter other side effects.

Should I consider such a mismatch to be /too large/ and request/submit a part update, or should I instead implement some kind of vertex snapping tool? Or should I do both?

It would be useful information if there is some standard on identifying identical vertices, or, at the least, on the minimum acceptable feature size (minimum length of any polygon edge).
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Acceptable vertex mismatch error - by Paul Griffin - 2012-12-20, 7:37

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