Texture mapping experiment

Texture mapping experiment
You'll find here my first experiment with Texture mapping extension...
A few issues...
- Resolution (here 300dpi) looks fairly low, despite a rather large image size.
- The image was obtained by scanning the sticker sheet. But there are color matching issues! image file 10602r0.png is raw from scanner. In the image used for mapping (10602r.png) I tried to substitute yellow and red values obtained from LDconfig.ldr, but when you look at part with sticker (64683stick-r.dat) using LDView, you see that match is still far from perfect. And what happens if LDConfig color definition is tuned? The sticker will no longer match...
- Smooth shading doesn't seem effective in LDView with texmap (see parts with "condlines" in filename)
- This forum doesn't let me post texture images directly! (or a zipped folder...).

Comments? Suggestions?

Edit: Just noticed that subfile 64683s03.dat wrongly contained top surface. Now corrected in archive linked above.
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