Help with parts creation

Re: Help with parts creation
It can be done Wink
[Image: gunganspliteye.png]
This is just the 1st try, result is not good (split is too sloping).
How it was done:
- Export as .stl
- Open .stl using MeshMixer (free 3D sculpting program)
- Sculpt the eye, restricting action of tools to front eye area using facegroup feature introduced in MM8. Adjust number of triangles using MM reduce tools.
- export back to LDraw with stl2dat.
- Reinsert edge lines from original files
- Despite restricted action of tools in MM, the area around eye moved a bit, so the edge line around pupil dind't fit perfectly anymore. Fixed that by making a subpart from original edge lines, and used unificator+snap on subfiles.
- Created middle edge line with Edger2 + manual edition.
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