All-In-One-Installer and parts paths

All-In-One-Installer and parts paths
So, this lpub/lsynth parts path issue made me realize I have Windows 7 now and can test the All In One Installer. So I did.

I picked everything but POV. That made it search in vain for some POV ini files to make lgeo happy, or something like that. Probably should give a warning that LGEO isn't much use without POV, but whatever.

Anyhow, I noticed the installer added registry entries for LDView and MLCad so they could find the official parts, and there was even a path to the lsynth parts for LDView in the registry. However the ldglite install was useless out of the box because the installer didn't create an ldraw.ini file in the Windows directory. Just to be sure, I made one like this and it worked.

C:\Windows>type ldraw.ini
BaseDirectory="C:\Program Files\LDraw"

Would it be possible to add this to the installer?

Or would it be better to update ldglite to use the LDView registry entries to find the parts? (especially considering Microsoft has made it more difficult create an ldraw.ini file in the Windows directory in in recent versions of Windows)

By the way, does LDView use the generic ldrawini code, an enhanced version, or something else?

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