Hose Reel 2 x 4 x 2 Holder (4209)

RE: Hose Reel 2 x 4 x 2 Holder (4209)
(2020-07-27, 5:53)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Thanks,

Looking at the history graph here it is pretty clear that the hollow stud version is a modern day version.

I made a version at the Part Tracker now. I wonder if there are any printed versions too.

[Image: 4209b.png]

I had assumed it was from an old set but after a bit of scouring, I think you're right. Check this photo of the 60061 airport firetruck - you can just about make out the lack of holes in the bottom of the holder. So I guess that's where mine came from. 

All my printed versions (highway, fire, coastguard) are solid stud so I'm not sure about the prints but as far as I can see most of the modern fire trucks have the hose reel on the side so the prints would always be obscured. The bricklick catalog entry doesn't distinguish between the two but the image of the medium nougat version (only available in two sets in 2016) is the hollow stud version. So yeah, seems pretty certain its a modern version. 

Cheers for getting the changes out so quickly!
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