OMR Spec

OMR Spec
Currently I am working on an app that uses much the OMR Spec.

So I need to fully understand it.

I have a problem with the following content:
Each individual model file in the MPD that represents an unofficial part must use the standard header format of unofficial parts on the parts tracker. Its 0 FILE entry will reflect the modified MPD version of the part's filename, but the rest of the header will reflect the original filename.

So far i remember is the 0 FILE entry the in the MPD file the file name for the code that follows until next 0 FILE entry or...

In the above it is stated that the 0 FILE entry contains the modified file name and the rest should be like the original DAT-file. If I strictly follow that I would have a 0 FILE entry that is different from the 0 Name entry.

According to the MPD Spec those both entries should be the same!

I am currently confused !

Please help me.
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